Basil Dolce Fresca (Genovese)
Basil Dolce Fresca (Genovese)
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Latin Name

Ocimum basilicum 'Genovese'

Plant Type


Plant Description

One of the most popular of all herbs, origainally from Italy. This large-leaf type is very fragrant, high yielding, and slightly spicy. Fusarium wilt resistant.


Plant in rich, well drained soil in sun or part shade and protected from wind. Plant can grow 18″-24″ in height. Very cold sensitive, do not plant outdoors until risk of frost has passed.

How to Harvest

Pinch back early and often from top of plant to promote new growth and bushiness. Pinch off flower buds for continuous yield.


Common ingredient in Italian dishes and tomato sauces and is especially noted for making the best pesto.

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