Mint (Spearmint)
Mint (Spearmint)
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Latin Name

Mentha spicata

Plant Type

Perennial Zone 4-9

Plant Description

A mint variety with bright green, deeply veined, oval shaped leaves with a menthol aroma and flavour, less pungent than peppermint. Plant produces spikes of abundant pink or white flowers.


Plant in full sun to part shade in average, well drained soil. Grows 8″-12″ in height and flowers in late summer. As with all mint this plant can be very invasive.

How to Harvest

Pinch leaves as needed. Frequent harvesting of leaves will keep the plant bushy and productive.


Very popular in Greek cooking. Use with lamb, peas, potatoes, in fruit salad, sauces, teas, cold beverages, and jellies.

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